Basketball Training

Train Hard achieve big

The Benefits of workout

Improves fundamental Basketball skills

Improves consistency

(Muscle memory)

Builds confidence

Become a better player

Shooting & Ball Handling

Shooting Skills

Shooting classes will start out by focusing on the fundamental skills of footwork, arm placement, release and follow through. We utilize the Gun 6000 machine to facilitate a high number of shots in every session.

Ball Handling

Ball handling is the most important skill in basketball and its critical to teach the fundamentals early and continue to reinforce them. We will focus on building confidence with the ball through advanced drills that make it fun while improving the basic skills.

Defense & Rebounding

Defense Skills

There is more to being a good defender than just sliding your feet. We will work on drills to improve hand speed, foot work, and anticipation. There will be a lot of teaching in this session focused on the mental game of defending.


Rebounding can make or break a game.  Like all skills in basketball, there our fundamental things you must learn to be effective at it.

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